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  • Innovators Celebrate! 2015 New York

  • 2014 Innovators

  • The Internationalist at the Dana Point Event

  • Internationalist 1000 Millennials-Boomers Think Tank

  • Marketers Gather at the Marketers Make World of Difference Breakfast and Think Tank

  • CHINA 50 Marketers Gather in Shanghai to Share Peer-to-Peer Insights

  • A Celebratory 2013 Dinner for the Internationalists

  • Celebrating the Latin American 100 in Miami

  • Cannes Ad Festival- Promenade de la Croisette

  • The Innovators Summit—Times Square, New York

  • Awards for Innovation in Media

  • A Celebratory Group at the Internationalists Dinner

  • Awards Dinner- Innovative Digital Solutions

  • Singapore- Spikes Celebrations

  • Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Wozniak hosting Avaya’s Evolutions Tour

  • THE 100 Summit, New York

  • Winners Dinner- Awards for Innovation in Media


Issue 76








Jon Iwata, IBM’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, explains data’s limitations and why The Future of Business is Cognitive—with a little help from his robot colleague, Nao.

Lee Applbaum, Global CMO of Patrón Spirits discusses brand authenticity and connecting with consumers’ evolving interests.

Russ Findlay, Head of Marketing for Hiscox, talks about data, individualization and B2B Marketing’s evolution.

Esther Uhalte, Estée Lauder’s Executive Director for Global Media, CRM and Loyalty, discusses how global media strategy is changing for luxury brands.

5 Digital Demands on CMOs: A new study from the global consulting firm, R3, underscores five new Digital Demands that are proving to be critical to CMOs, particularly as they are expected to spend more on technology than CIOs in the coming years.

Celebrating Internationalists throughout the World as They Reinvent Contemporary Marketing. Thirty-three inspirational marketing leaders have been named Internationalists of the Year for their outstanding accomplishments in the past year. Honoring the individuals who are changing the rules of contemporary marketing is at the heart of The Internationalist’s Mission.
They include: Sam Ahmed- MASTERCARD; Charlie Chappell, THE HERSHEY COMPANY; Uwe Ellinghaus– CADILLAC; Charisse Ford– PANDORA JEWELRY; Johann Freilinger–SAP XM; JP Kuehlwein–FREDERIC FEKKAI; Andrew Markowitz– GE; Rob Master–UNILEVER; Rob Rakowitz–MARS, INC;. Yin Woon Rani–THE CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY; Manos Spanos–PEPSICO; Esther Uhalte– ESTEE LAUDER; Dan Vinh– MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL; Christian Gebara- TELEFONICA VIVO BRAZIL; Eric Reynolds–THE CLOROX COMPANY; Pierre Berard–PERNOD RICARD; Angel Perez Agenjo– ELI LILLY & CO.; Jon Potter– MOET HENNESSY; David VanderWaal– LG ELECTRONICS; Michelle Atkinson– ENERGIZER HOLDINGS; Mollie O’Brien– BASF; Jennifer Chick– HILTON WORLDWIDE; Sean Madden– SAGE; Lionel Benbassat–EUROSTAR; Freda Wang– MERCEDES-BENZ CHINA; Jon Iwata –IBM; Christina Meringolo– BAYER; Lee Applbaum– PATRON SPIRITS; Dean Aragon–SHELL Brands International; Ignacio Molina–SUNTORY BEVERAGE & FOOD EUROPE; Lilian Tomovich–MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL: Jackie Woodward-- GENERAL MILLS; Jerri DeVard– ADT Corp.
COMMENTARY: Good Marketing Needs Good Procurement Support by Tom Denford, Chief Strategy Officer at ID Comms.
Editor’s Letter: Deborah Malone turns a key toward Marketing’s evolution and its essentiality to business.
Lessons from the ADTECH 40: The term "Ad Tech” was originally coined to describe the technology used in the purchase and delivery of digital media. In recent years, the ad tech landscape has expanded at breakneck speed and has led to a fragmented ecosystem of vendors and technologies, as well as an often convoluted idea of what role ad tech plays in today’s marketing industry.


Entangled Marketing: Moving Beyond Engagement.In their new book, Sebastian Jespersen and Stan Rapp outline a new business model for entangling the brand and the consumer in a supportive, enduring, mutually-rewarding and unbreakable relationship.

Martin Roll,
a Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company and a thought-leader on value creation through brand equity, provides a comprehensive framework for understanding Asian brands, as well as their success stories and challenges, in his book Asian Brand Strategy.


BRAND MASTERS GATHER IN HOLLYWOOD (FLORIDA). Discussions by Jon Iwata, IBM; Noah Brodsky, Wyndham Hotel Group; Jerri DeVard, ADT; Lizette Williams, and John Cayer- both of Kimberly-Clark; Roger Adams, USAA; Ann Glover, Voya Financial; Manish Shrivastava, Pulte Homes; Roger Baxter, SAP; Amanda Brinkman, Deluxe Corporation; Lee Applbaum, Patrón Spirits; Amanda Hill, Procter & Gamble.

Issue 76








David Roman, Lenovo's Senior Vice President and CMO, believes that to build a brand in today's Digital Age, marketers must be fearless about giving up control in exchange for driving true engagement.

GE’s Andy Markowitz outlines how we are currently operating in the Age of Transformation and Accountability, rather than The Golden Age of Marketing.


Tim Andree, Chairman of Dentsu Aegis, looks at a changing agency business in a new light.

AGENCY INNOVATORS: The Internationalist announces its annual list of Innovators to acknowledge and extraordinary group of 30 individuals from all corners of the globe who are embracing change and making a difference for their agencies and for their clients.


Organizing for Growth in a Digital Age: Millward Brown Vermeer offers insights on how today’s marketing organization can be better aligned for growth and success in a digital age.


The Pen (or the Blank Page) May Be Mightier than the Sword… Turkish Newspaper Protests Government Media.

Around the World:
Ranking America’s Top 10 Cities for Singles; new data from Livability.


Commentary: John Billett, Chairman of ID Comms, issues a stern warning to global marketers about media agency management. He outlines how agencies, who for a long time were the agents working on behalf of advertisers acting as custodians of the advertisers' best interests, have now become the media owners.

GLOBETROTTERS: DDB makes back-to-back news by hiring Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark as President & CEO North America and by buying Grupo ABC and its star, Agency Africa—arguably Brazil’s top shop headed by Nizan Guanaes. Former Kraft Foods Group executive Julie Fleischer has been named Managing Director of OMD’s Chicago-based retail practice. Boon Lai a veteran of Philips marketing who served the company in Singapore, China, Amsterdam, London and New York, has moved to San Francisco to take on the role of CMO of Nokia Technologies. Phill Battersby, formerly CMO for Enterprise Businesses at Microsoft Western Europe has been named CEO of newly-launched Vizibble, a marketing-enablement agency.

Two advertising colleagues—Peter Hubbell, Founder of specialist agency BoomAgers for 49+ consumers, and Tim Love, head of TimLoveIdeas and formerly Vice Chairman of Omnicom—released two separate books about GETTING BETTER WITH AGE within weeks of each other.


MARKETERS GATHER ON THE CALIFORNIA COAST The Internationalist and the ANA hosted a peer-to-peer dinner for marketers attending the ANA Digital and Social Media Conference at the Terranea Resort at Rachos Palos Verdes, California.


NORTHERN HEMISPHERE MEETS SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE! The Internationalist and the ANA connected Northern Hemisphere with Southern Hemisphere as they acknowledged the Internationalist’s LATIN AMERICA 50 marketers and invited them to mingle with ANA members from North America who were attending the ANA’s Masters of Measurement conference on Miami Beach this fall.



Trendsetters: Pepsi's Manos Spanos Outlines a High-Energy Global Content Strategy for Mountain Dew

Trendsetters: Amanda Brinkman of Deluxe Shows How a Meaningful Content Program Can Reinvent a Brand and Drive a Revolution

Trendsetters: SAP's CEO Bill McDermott Urges Business to Emphasize Customer Empathy & Co-Innovation

Trendsetters: Mondeléz' Debra Giampoli Shares New Trends in Client-Agency Partnerships

Trendsetters: IPG's Michael Roth Discusses Current Industry Issues at ANA's Advertising Financial Management Conference

Trendsetters: Tom Denford Demonstrates How Greater Clarity on Rebates Is Key to Trust Between Brands & Media Agencies

Trendsetters: MGM RESORTS' Lilian Tomovich Works to Make Data Simple To Build Brand Loyalty

Trendsetters: David Wheldon, CMO at RBS, offers a Stern Warning to Marketers throughout the World

Trendsetters: Edelman's Steve Rubel Offers Critical Advice on Content Creation and Distribution for a Changing Media Ecosystem

Trendsetters: Patrón Spirits' CMO Lee Applbaum Discusses Brand Authenticity & Connecting with Consumers' Evolving Interests

Trendsetters: IBM's Jon Iwata Explains Data's Limitations and Why the Future of Business is Cognitive

Trendsetters: Russ Findlay of Hiscox Talks about Data, Individualization and B2B Marketing's Evolution...

Trendsetters: Estee Lauder's Esther Uhalte Discusses How Global Media Strategy is Changing for Luxury Brands

Trendsetters: BASF Demonstrates that BtoE Marketing is Just as Important as BtoB and BtoC

Trendsetters: Evian's Olga Osminkina-Jones Shares How to Make a Classic Brand Contemporary

Trendsetters: John Billett Issues a Stern Warning to Global Marketers about Media Agency Management

Trendsetters: SAP's Johann Freilinger Discusses Marketing's Tipping Point in Today's Data-Driven Business Culture

GE’s CMO Linda Boff Shares Her Strategy for Compelling Content

Trendsetters: Airbnb's Jonathan Mildenhall Wants to Create the First Community-Driven SuperBrand

Trendsetters: Dana Anderson of Mondelez Discusses the Power of Generosity—Setting a New Tone at ANA's Masters of Marketing

Trendsetters: Dentsu's Tim Andree Looks at a Changing Agency Business in a New Light

Trendsetters: Lenovo's CMO David Roman Embraces a "Never Stand Still” Brand Attitude

Trendsetters: Philips' Boon Lai Discusses Brand Transformation as Healthcare and Technology Intersect

Trendsetters: PepsiCo's Brad Jakeman Talks about Disruption's Effects on Marketing's Evolution and Structure

Trendsetters: Visa's Jessica Williams Talks about the Intersection of Innovation & Analytics

Trendsetters: GE's Andy Markowitz Discusses the Race for Accountability in a Time of Uncertainty

Trendsetters: Sir Martin Sorrell Shares his Thoughts on a Changing Industry

Trendsetter: KPMG's Bob Siegal Outlines Critical C-Suite Thinking on Programmatic Issues

Trendsetters: MEC's Shenan Reed Talks about the Evolution of Digital Creativity

Trendsetters: Darren Woolley Outlines 5 Ways to Insure that Agency Incentive Payments Work Fairly & Beneficially

Trendsetters: P&G's JP Kuehlwein Redefines the Power and Significance of Modern Prestige Brands

Trendsetters: GroupM's Irwin Gotlieb Addresses Media Transparency & a New Cross-Industry Task Force

Trendsetters: It's Time for Agencies to Evolve, says Finland's Eka Ruola, Awarded CEO & CCO of hasan & partners

Trendsetters: Joanne Davis Discusses Talent, Training, Trust and Transparency as the Role of Global Procurement Shifts

Trendsetters: Erick Laseca, Kraft's Big Data Evangelist, Talks about Next-Gen Relationship Marketing

Trendsetters: R3’s Greg Paull Discusses Six Degrees of Integration for Agency-Marketer Alignment

Trendsetters: April Fools’ Day Around the World. David McCaughan Asks-Which Nationalities are Most Truthful?

Trendsetters: Itau’s Andrea Cordeiro Changes the Rules for Sponsorship Marketing

Trendsetters: DQ's Barry Westrum Explains How to Turn Around a Brand by Understanding Data

Trendsetters: Unilever's Kathy O'Brien Shares how a Brand that Empowers Women can also Resonate with Today's Men

Trendsetters: Millward Brown's Duncan Southgate Shares How 2015 will be a Year for Marketers to "Get Media Right"

Trendsetters: Joanne Davis Discusses How C-Suite Leaders are Evaluating Media Today

Trendsetters: Pete Blackshaw Discusses Nestlé's Digital Transformation to Build Brands and Delight Consumers

Trendsetters: The Ritz-Carlton's VP Marketing, Clayton Ruebensaal, Cites a New Era of Brand Communications

Trendsetters: GE’s Jason Hill Shares Thoughts on Building a Global Brand in Today’s Content-Rich World

Trendsetters: The Age of Entanglement—Two Innovators Demonstrate a Move Beyond Engagement

Trendsetters: Barbara Basney of Xerox Talks about the Role of Content in Transforming a Legacy Brand

Dannon's Olesya Govorun Shares How Consumer Research Can Improve In-Store Communication

Trendsetters: JetBlue's Marty St. George Shares the Strategies of a Challenger Brand

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Case Studies

Winners in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media Highlight the Emerging World, Social Causes and Purposeful Branding, B2B Wins Big; Banking is Back; Provocative Approaches Used for Hard-to-Reach Audiences; Responsible Branding Critical. (Awarded April 2013). MORE

Winners in The Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions Highlight Use of 2nd Screen; B2B Wins Big; Mid East Shows Power of Youth; Responsible Branding Critical. (Awarded November 2012.) MORE

TOP TRENDS in Digital Marketing Solutions (Based on Awards- November 2012): 1. Global- more campaigns than ever now have truly global sweep—whether intended or not. 2. B2B campaigns are doing well in the digital world and show that they have understood B2C thinking. 3. Mobile applications without question are on the rise. 4. Gaming cannot be underestimated—in both serious messaging and in entertainment. 5. The power of Branded Content is being embraced by advertisers, especially in the digital space. 6. Social media elements are critical. 6. A Seriousness of Purpose is key. 7. Educate-- Many consumers more information. 7. Responsibility and Pride matter. 8. Recessionary thinking still fuels strategy.

Winners in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media Highlight Shifting Global Centers; Auto Wins Big; Middle East Makes Mark. (Awarded May 2012.) Automotive advertising roars back with wins (some multiple) for Audi, Buick, Chevy, Chrysler, Peugeot, Volvo, and Subaru. South American entries were strong performers with wins from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Miami as a regional hub. . SEE LIST OF ALL WINNERS & READ CASE STUDIES

TEN TRENDS in Media Innovation (Based on Awards- May 2012): 1. Entertainment works. 2. Reach them when the least expect it. 3. Automotive is back! 4. Latin America on the rise. 5. Social media elements are critical. 6. Niche markets can make a difference and influence mass ones. 7. A Seriousness of Purpose and responsibility matter.87. Don’t hesitate to Educate. 9. Technology enhances so many of today’s experiences. 10. Serendipity. Some winning campaigns weren’t afraid to take advantage of coincidences… often resulting in a risk that paid off.

Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions (Awarded November 2011.) OMD offices on 3 continents, plus PHD US had the greatest number of wins. Campaigns from China, India and Dubai were among the winners. The US and the UK remain strong in innovative digital thinking. Independent Agencies like Vertic and Profero placed strongly. SEE LIST OF ALL WINNERS & READ CASE STUDIES

Bombardier, Dockers and Fidelity are all Big Winners in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media (Awarded November 2011.) For the 3rd straight year, Canadian and Australian work is among the top rankings; US & UK also have strong showings. Colombia sees its first award with a fun World Cup campaign for Davivienda Bank. The Integer Group in Denver outlined how they saved a company with their Victory Motorcycles campaign. Independent Agencies like Just Media and IW Group also place in the rankings. SEE LIST OF ALL WINNERS & READ CASE STUDIES

The Grand Prix is awarded to Starcom Amsterdam for their extraordinary work in launching the Samsung 3D television in the Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions. (Awarded November 2010.) The Awards are a response to marketers asking for international best practice examples of digital solutions that enhance brands and bring results. SEE LIST OF ALL WINNERS & READ CASE STUDIES


Johnson & Johnson's Stayfree "Women for Change: Grand Prix Winner in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media (Awarded April 2013) Submitted by OMD India. Women for Change showed how the Stayfree brand with UNICEF encouraged privileged women across India to improve the health and hygiene of underprivileged adolescent girls through a "support a woman" initiative. Aired exclusively on YouTube, Stayfree created a 3-minute anthem to evoke strong reactions about the plight of a girl's journey from childhood to adolescence, which resulted in nearly 1 million girls receiving aid from their more fortunate sisters. READ MORE

UTEC, the University of Technology & Engineering's "First-ever Water Billboard": Grand Prix in the Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media (Awarded April 2013) Submitted by BPN Media Connection and MayoDraftFCB Peru. UTEC encouraged enrollment by demonstrating that innovative engineers can find real solutions to real problems. In Bujama, a small town in Southern Peru that receives almost no rainfall, a billboard was created to convert humidity to drinking water. Not only did the billboard help provide much-needed water to hundreds of families, it awoke young minds in Peru who wanted to change the world through engineering. Applications to UTEC increased 28% SEE VIDEO & READ MORE

Coca-Cola Polar Bowl: Grand Prix Winner in The Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions (Awarded November 2012.) Submitted by Starcom MediaVestGroup. Polar Bowl showed inventive use of the phone and tablet in concert with television, which may be shifting our thinking of the "2nd screen” to a primary focus. SEE VIDEO & READ MORE

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project (Diageo): Grand Prix Winner in The Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions (Awarded November 2012.) Submitted by Profero. Not only did Smirnoff recruit a community of 10 million people across the globe to generate true social media scale, but provided unique occasions and tools for consumers to locally re-invent nightlife experiences from around the globe through a co-creation program in 50 countries. SEE VIDEO & READ MORE

Olay’s Eyes of Arabia: Grand Prix Winner in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media. (Awarded May 2012.) Submitted by Starcom MediaVest Group MENA. Olay’s Eyes of Arabia -- a beauty pageant based on eyes alone--moves from the classic pageant format to a 100% digital platform that gave even the most conservative Muslim women the ability to participate, vote and interact with the contest. SEE VIDEO & READ MORE

Paramount Pictures International-Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Grand Prix Winner in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media. (Awarded May 2012.) Submitted by MEC Global Solutions London. By successfully associating the DNA of the movie with a naturally occurring solar eclipse a few days before release, Paramount was able to mount a truly global campaign on an inter-stellar stage. READ MORE

Sparkasse Giro sucht Hero: Grand Prix Winner in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media. (Awarded May 2012.) Submitted by AM Communications/MPG Germany. To help build Sparkassen Bank’s traction with young customers, Joko and Klauss – two popular Jackass-style comedians on MTV -- participated in the ultimate battle for who would become the bank’s next ambassador.. READ MORE

Samsung Project Teamwork: Grand Prix Winner in The Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media. (Awarded May 2012.) Submitted by ESPN International and Starcom MediaVest Group. To increase preference for the recently lunched Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Mobile teamed up with ESPN to create "Project teamwork” a 12-part original digital branded content series that traveled the world showing how Samsung enhances everyday sporting experiences READ MORE

The Grand Prix "MINI World Record" campaign was born when the Profero team wondered just how many people could fit inside the MINI's biggest car yet, the MINI Countryman. The challenge found a digital answer when people in 6 cities were given a chance to appear as if they were squashed into the new MINI through live green-screen video. MINI sold all 2,500 Countryman vehicles...before the product even launched. See case study video: