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TODAY’S MARKETERS are realists when it comes to technology. In a summer 2017 Internationalist Insights survey that explored marketers’ interests and concerns about technology, more than half admitted that the future was an “inspired balance between technology and creativity.” Through survey comments and further discussion with marketing leaders, it became clear that today’s focus on purposeful marketing is just as important as the potential of technology—laying the foundation for an interesting, new marketing dynamic. Data and customer-facing solutions are enormously important to marketers. When asked “what’s next” in terms of technology’s role in marketing, respondents worldwide see even greater personalization as the overwhelming directive of the future (50%), not only as a trend but also an expectation of digital-first consumers. Certainly, digital transformation is a top priority for marketers, and technology, of course, is at the heart of the process, particularly as companies aim to become more customer-centric and create greater value—on many levels. However, our marketing realists see technology as a means, not an end. In fact, when digital transformation focuses on better serving customers’ needs or delivering consistent customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints, marketers will increasingly find themselves at the center of the process, if not actually leading the initiative. Who else within the organization better understands the consumer or is more familiar with designing the customer experience? The challenge, of course, is keeping up with what people now expect from brands, while continually evolving what brands should provide to insure an ongoing, meaningful and personalized customer relationship.




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Today’s marketers have a sophisticated view of purposeful marketing. Most express clear opinions about the sheer ambition of the term, while very few (8.1%) associate it exclusively with “donating to a charity in the name of the brand as in CSR/Corporate Social Responsibility.” A majority seek to make purposeful initiatives a part of their overall marketing goals. Yet, more than 60% also admit that they’re concerned about “getting it right,” and are still working to understand, explore and test the process before committing to a comprehensive program.

Interestingly, a provocative minority takes exception to the term purposeful—largely due to the implication that marketing was without “purpose” before purposeful became widely used by brand marketers. Some are concerned that purposeful marketing will become a “meaningless cliché” if it does not stem from genuine, actionable company-wide commitments. Others believe that some brands have already “taken purpose too far” by associating with issues or social causes that bear little intrinsic relationship to a product or service.

Certainly, many marketing ideals evolve—in much the same way that changing social mores shape how brands interact with consumers. Without question, today's activist social media world has already altered how people interact with brands, while dramatically shifting the rules of "doing good business." The assumption of responsibility and the adoption of greater transparency are now critical to how any brand or business plays its proper role in society. More companies are looking to embrace big, sustainable ideas that demonstrate true marketing innovation, while they also strive to deeply connect with their customers' passions and values. When done right, business growth is a result, as is “doing good” or “giving back.” This is marketing’s new holy grail.


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